Welcome to the new EstateGuru!

We’re celebrating our fifth birthday this month and, in honor of this major milestone, we felt it was time to reflect how we’ve grown and how excited we are about the next five years and beyond in the way our users interact with our platform and our brand.

Since EstateGuru’s launch in 2013, we have been proudly building bridges between investors and entrepreneurs, and our community has grown exponentially.

To date, the EstateGuru marketplace has enabled 15 000 investors from across the globe to help finance almost 500 loans worth an astonishing €80 million in five countries, and we’re just getting started.

We plan to start operating in more countries while facilitating more loans, faster than ever before and, in order to do this successfully, we needed a new website with a friendlier user experience and branding that reflects our ambition to become Europe’s largest cross-border marketplace for property-backed loans.


A new look for a new future


The first thing you’ll notice is our new logo and a change of color scheme. Gone is the green that represented newness and growth, replaced by a mature and calm blue that reflects our new ambition. Borderless, limitless opportunities for both investors and borrowers – which has been the inspiration for the entire new web. With the recent changed, we have significantly stepped up regarding transparency of the investments and the overall portfolio.

Beyond these cosmetic changes, you’ll also notice that we’ve been very busy under the hood. While everything from the menus to discovering content on our blog should be easier and more intuitive, we have also been hard at work on improving the central functionality of our platform.


You’ll find:

An improved Auto Invest feature

Now you can never miss another investment opportunity by automatically investing the amounts you want, in the opportunities that work for you. Set it up once, then sit back while we bring you solid returns on your investment.


A new dashboard

Get the perfect view on your investments, track your portfolio growth and easily take advantage of new opportunities, all in one sleekly designed, user-friendly place.


Investments on the go

Our cross-border marketplace never sleeps, and now you can monitor it from any device you choose. It’s like having an investment portfolio in your pocket.


We’re extremely proud to welcome you to the new EstateGuru and trust that you’ll enjoy using the site as much as we have enjoyed creating it. In the near future, you will see the launch of a variety of new functions and features.

We’ll leave you with a message from our COO Mihkel Stamm: “We are building a new future for EstateGuru – a future in which we continue delivering a quality service to our users and race ahead of the competition in the crowdfunding world. This is the new EstateGuru and we invite you to join us on our journey.”

All the best

The team at EstateGuru.