Loan portfolio overview (March 2020)

At EstateGuru we have always placed great value on transparency, which is why you are receiving this update. We hope that it gives you a great overview of where we are during this time of unprecedented crisis, the state of our loan portfolio, and why we are convinced that we are not only able to weather the storm, but emerge from it stronger than ever before.

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Problematic Loan Portfolio overview

The new year is now in full swing and here is our first Problematic Loan Portfolio Overview of 2020.  Besides statistics for Q4, it also contains some important updates from the previous month. To date, crowdfunding has been able to operate in conditions of economic growth and no major crisis has yet occurred. However, by now the first platforms in Europe have gone bankrupt, the first investor money has been lost, and in the last few weeks, the first scams have emerged. So, it’s even more important to be aware of all the accompanying risks when investing and to exercise extra caution by carrying out diligent pre-analysis of the platforms and projects you choose when deciding to invest.

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