The story of an EstateGuru borrower – Alo Arumäe

In the years since the beginning of EstateGuru, we have faciliated loans in 5 different countries, with Finland and Spain recently added. In that time, over 200 borrowers have seeked financing from us and we have funded more than 300 loans with the help of our investors. One might ask, what makes the borrower prefer EstateGuru over other financing options? To find the answer to this question, we asked Alo Arumäe, the developer of the Jõe 2b (3 stages, €321 000, project repaid) and Pärna 33a projects (5 stages, €900 000), what made him choose EstateGuru and how have his projects gone so far. See more below.

Interview with Alo Arumäe

EG: “Hello Alo, please tell us about who you are and how long have you been a real estate developer”

Alo: “Hello, my name is Alo Arumäe and I am the CEO of A&D Invest, which has been doing real estate development for 2 years. My personal experience in real estate is about 15 years. Beforehand, I have done real estate development through other companies and with different partners.”

EG: “How are you related with EstateGuru?”

Alo: “I have used EstateGuru’s help in 2 projects. The first one is Jõe 2b, a house for 4 families in Tartu. The second one is Pärna 33a, a 12-apartment house in Tartu”

EG: “Talk a bit about the Jõe 2b project”

Alo: “As of today, the Jõe 2b project has been successfully finished. The aim of the project was to offer quality apartments with low living costs in a prestigious location. The house has four 100m2 apartments and also a B-energy class which ensures low costs on upkeep. As of today, all four stages of funding the Jõe 2b development have been returned to the investors”

EG: “Thank you for the information and great to hear that the project has been returned to investors. What about the Pärna 33a project, how is that one going along?”

Alo: „The other project that I have funded through EstateGuru is Pärna 33a, a 12-apartment house in Tartu. The project started in July 2017 and is going to be ready in June 2018. The aim of the project was to offer quality apartments with a modern look. Furthermore, over 20 local companies found work at the project. For anyone interested: Pärna 33a apartments are available at“

EG: “Now that we have heard about the projects, what made you choose EstateGuru over other financing options?”

Alo: „For a startup company, EstateGuru is almost the only available financing option. As a general rule, a starting developer wont get loan from a bank.“

EG: “What do you think – what makes EstateGuru attractive for borrowers?”

Alo: „I think EstateGuru is attractive for borrowers because of the platforms professionality. Furthermore, cooperation, speed of funding and adequacy are three words that characterize EstateGuru best”

EG: “What are your plans for the future?”

Alo: „Further plans are to keep doing real estate development. If all goes according to plan, a new project will be starting soon. To fund the project, I will be using EstateGuru’s help.“

EG: “Thank you Alo for the interview!”

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