September Cashback Campaign – All the Details

Our September Cashback campaign is now in full swing, and we thought it would be a great idea to give our users a thorough explanation of how it works.

The idea behind the campaign is to encourage investors to diversify their portfolios by giving them a free bonus when they invest in opportunities carrying the Cashback symbol (CB).

How much you get back depends on the amount you invest and of course, how many loans you invest in.

Two-tiered system

When you invest in one of the loans carrying the Cashback symbol, and your investment amount exceeds €1000, we’ll give you a 0.5% Cashback bonus once the loan is funded. This means that an investment of €1000 will lead to us adding €5 directly to your investment account. This is money you can use to reinvest in any other open loans.

Of course, the bigger your investment, the bigger your bonus. So investing €5000 will earn you €25 and so forth.

Should you be a big-ticket investor, the news is even better. When you invest €10000 or more into any open loan featuring the CB symbol, we’ll double your cashback bonus, meaning we’ll add 1% of your total investment amount to your account once the loan is  funded. So for a €10000 investment, you’ll get €100 added to your investment account.

Cashback limits and conditions

There are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to start earning some Cashback bonuses.

Firstly, the loan needs to be funded before October 10 to qualify for this campaign. You will, however, need to make your investment before 30 September to be eligible for the bonus. We’ve set it up this way to allow even latecomers to benefit, and to give each CB loan as much chance of getting funded as possible.

Secondly, the bonus amount pertains to a single loan. Investing €1000 in ten CB loans, unfortunately, won’t make you eligible for the 1% bonus, but you will earn 0.5% on each of the loans.

The Cashback campaign is live right now, and you have the rest of September to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Simply find the investment opportunity you like among the many featuring the CB symbol and start earning extra money today.

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