NEW FEATURES: Secondary Market bulk buying, updated portfolio view, improved account statement

We’re happy to announce the release of some brand new features that are specifically engineered to save you loads of time and make managing your portfolio easier.

Secondary market bulk buying

If you’re an active participant in our Secondary Market, you’ll love this change.

You can now select multiple claims using the shopping cart icon, and buy them all in one go. Here’s how it works: Select as many claims as you want to buy, you’ll see that they get added to the list and the notification at the bottom of the page will show you how many claims you’ve added and how much they will cost..

Once you are happy with your selection, click the review and buy button. You will see an overview of the list you have selected. You can remove claims individually or delete all selections at this stage. You are also able to access a preview of each individual contract for the claims you have selected by clicking on the documents section. Make sure to read each one in detail. 

Once you’ve reviewed your selection and are ready to make your purchase, you’ll need to verify it by using your chosen verification method (mobile ID, SMS, account password) and accepting the terms and conditions.

You’ll receive all the contracts via email and the claims will be added to your portfolio immediately.

And there you have it. A fast, easy way to buy multiple Secondary Market claims in one go. We hope this feature saves you loads of time and helps you to make even more great investments.

Portfolio page update and revamp

We set out to make viewing your portfolio easier than ever before, especially if you invest in multiple loan stages and buy claims on the Secondary Market.

Unlike before, when primary and secondary market investments were placed in two seperate portfolio sections, you will now see an overview of your entire portfolio in one unified view. Investments will be grouped together, so you will easily be able to see if you have both primary and secondary market investments in one loan, and exactly how many.

In addition you can see how you invested in the loan i.e. whether you did so manually or by using Auto Invest.

You can also apply a wide set of filters to quickly see any specific data set you need.

Your portfolio page has also gotten a complete makeover and now features more information than before.

The earnings by month section now gives you a look into the future, with predicted earning per month based on your current portfolio. 

We’ve also added your diversification score and visualisation to your portfolio page as well as graphs showing your loan diversification by interest rate, country and loan type.

Account statement updates

You’ll be happy to know that we have also added a plethora of new features and improvements to your Account Statement.

Now, all transactions are available in the list in a combined format.

We have also added functionality that lets you group transactions by type, which will allow you to get a quick overview of total transaction amounts for your selected period. Speaking of which, you’ll also note our new quick period selectors which will speed up the entire process of getting information.

Want to see only hope much you’ve earned in indemnities or on the Secondary Market? All income types can be viewed in detail by filtering for the ones you want to see. You can combine as many as you want.

All filters have also been optimized to be more intuitive and work faster.

Full transaction details are also available in downloadable .xls format. This means you can use the raw data for your own advanced analysis by grouping, sorting, filtering, creating subtotals etc. So if you’re the type of investor who lives for statistics and numbers, Christmas has come early.

You can even get an overview of the money you haven’t earned yet with the pending income number, showing loans that you have invested in that have not yet been funded.

We trust these features will make investing easier and help to save you time.