EstateGuru platform’s developments

There are several important focus groups of the daily work of EstateGuru team – investors and borrowers. However, under the initial silhouette the IT development team is working restlessly to ensure the daily functioning on the platform, its security and continuous development towards efficiency and increasing user experience comfortability. Followingly, we will provide you with an overview of the updates that have been included on the platform recently. Toliau skaityti „EstateGuru platform’s developments“

Kaip gauti finansavimą NT projekto vystymui?

Kiekvienais metais Pasaulio Bankas palygina skirtingų pasaulio šalių ekonomikas, remdamasis tuo, kaip lengva, ar nebūtinai, yra vykdyti verslą vienoje ar kitoje šalyje.

Pažvelgę į rezultatų lentelę matome, kad kaimynai estai patenka į TOP 15 šalių, kuriose įvairių leidimų išdavimo, suderinimo ir kitos procedūros vyksta gan paprastai. Nepaisant to, gauti finansavimą vis dar lieka sunkia užduotimi. Todėl šioje vietoje į pagalbą ateina sutelktinio finansavimo, tarpusavio skolinimosi platformos. Na, o EstateGuru misija yra užpildyti šią nišą ir suteikti ne tik Estijos, bet ir Latvijos bei Lietuvos NT vystytojams visokeriopą pagalbą. EstateGuru siūlo paskolos gavėjams pasinaudoti atsiradusiomis galimybėmis, o investuotojams – investuoti į patrauklius pasiūlymus, kurie netrunka atsirasti platformoje. Toliau skaityti „Kaip gauti finansavimą NT projekto vystymui?“

New Feature – Recent Updates

EstateGuru is happy to announce the launch of the new „Recent updates“ section which will be used to publish information regarding loans and respective payments!

The update section can currently be found under each investment opportunity and will be available only when an update has been published. In the future, all relevant updates will be presented through a notification. 

16.05.2017: Currently, updates have been published regarding Tolli 7 bridge loan, Kiviloo Manor bridge loan and Toome avenue development loan

New Feature – Shared Accounts

EstateGuru is all about making investing more convenient and transparent for the investors. Thereby, complying to the investors’ wishes we have implemented a new „Shared account“ feature which allows investors to unite their EstateGuru accounts to others for a variety of purposes.

Many investors have expressed the wish to provide access to their accounts for third parties who would be able to either see their investments’ performance or download the reports. Therefore, EstateGuru created the „shared account“ functionality which enables the investors to do just that! For an example, the investors may now allow access to their bookkeepers who can easily reach the necessary financial data.

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What happens when a borrower defaults?

It doesn’t happen often, but at times there are few circumstances when P2P loans default. Here’s an explanation of what happens.

Sadly not all business plans work out, it’s a factor of life. Here at EstateGuru, as of today we have managed to keep the default rate at a steady level of 0%. This is because EstateGuru prides itself on two areas of focus:

  1. Thorough due diligence of each investment opportunity
  2. High transparency when guiding investors with P2P lending opportunities

This rigorous examination of business plans, security and viability combined with our investor guidance principles not only provides historically greater returns; but more importantly minimises losses to P2P lenders if they occur.

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