Loan portfolio overview (September of 2021)

In September we came very close to breaking the record set in March 2021, financing 95 loans worth a total of €21,2M. Half of the loan volume originated in the German market, where forecasts remain strong for the last quarter of the year.

Loan Amounts Funded

The repayment of loans, which totalled an amount of €6,3M, was, however, more modest than in August. We did not witness any negative effect on the portfolio quality from default and late loans as these haven’t increased.

Loan Repayments
Loans Repaid

We experienced a slight default rate decrease during the last month, but nothing of any significance to investors. There were five borrowers whose loans defaulted during the last month, for a total amount of €1,4M. These defaults came from the three Baltic countries and Finland. Four defaulted project repayments were successfully concluded for a total of €0,7M, with the biggest one occurring in Estonia (€0,5M).

No additional principal capital loss has been registered since the last portfolio overview.

We will keep you informed about the credit portfolio quality on a monthly basis.