Introducing the Referral Rewards program

We’re incredibly excited to unveil our brand new referral program which aims to make referring friends to EstateGuru even better than before.

Our investors are the most important people at EstateGuru, and we feel it is vital that we show appreciation for your loyalty and trust.

With this in mind, we created our new Referral Rewards program, which lets you reach a series of milestones for inviting friends and acquaintances to EstateGuru and, as you hit these milestones, unlock increasingly exciting rewards.

This is our way of saying thank you for helping us create a virtuous cycle of more investors and more borrowers. It’s quite simple really. The more investors we have, the more attractive EstateGuru becomes to borrowers, which in turn creates more investment opportunities for investors and allows our risk team to continue selecting only the best projects for release on the platform.

How does it work?

Each investor has their own unique referral code that they can send to friends, family, colleagues, social media followers – in fact, absolutely anyone.

When a new investor registers an EstateGuru account using your unique code and verifies their account, they get added to your referral count. Your friend needs to complete identity checks in order for them to count as a referral.

You unlock the entire program as soon as you successfully invite your first friend. For each new investor who joins and provides your code, we will give you a 0.5% bonus on any investment they make in loans that achieve funded status within the first three months after their account activation. Once the project the friend invested in gets funded, the bonus will be credited to your investment account. The same bonus is given to your friend, who also earns a 0.5% bonus on their first three months of investment.

Once you’ve unlocked the program, you can hit the first milestone by successfully inviting just five friends, and once you do, we’ll add a €10 bonus to your investment account. A successful referral is counted as soon as they register and verify their investment account.

The next milestones are reached when you invite 25, 50, 100 and 300 friends (with some exciting plans in the works for 200, 400 and 500).

Here is the full list of milestones and rewards awaiting you:

1 Unlock the referral program – 0,5% to both you and your friend
5 Gain €10 investment credits
25 Receive a free EstateGuru hoodie
50 Unlock advanced Auto Invest settings at €50
100 €100 investment credits award + package with branded goodies
300 Receive an invitation to join EstateGuru Premium

Please note that your referrals expire in after one year. Let us explain. When the program launches and you invite 50 investors in 2020, you would reach the milestone for Auto Invest at 50 referrals. Should you not invite any friends during 2021, your Referral Rewards will be reset and you have to start again. This expiry only counts in getting the milestones. As an example – a referral done on 11.11.2020 has an expiry date of 11.11.2021. Furthermore, everyone will start at 0 referrals when the program rolls out to make it equal for all investors (and also fun, because you can unlock all the rewards as you go).

How do I join the program?

There is no need to register specifically for the program or do anything other than sharing your unique referral code. Every investor that shares their code successfully will automatically join Referral Rewards.

You can find your code on this page. (Link works only when logged in)

You’ll also find information on what to do should you not receive a reward when you reach a milestone (although most rewards are allocated automatically), how to register for shipping of the EstateGuru branded goodies and plenty of other helpful hints and FAQs.

Happy referring.