How to choose a great investment – learn from EstateGuru investor success stories

The aspirant investor is absolutely spoilt for choice in the modern world. While the digital revolution allows absolutely anyone to build an investment portfolio, not everyone has the expertise required to make it work and the novice is faced with many questions that need to be answered.

What should you look for when choosing how to invest your money? What represents a good return on your investment? How do you choose who to trust with your hard-earned cash? These are all important questions to consider and who better to answer them than someone who has made successful and rewarding choices already?

We recently spoke to two of EstateGuru’s most active investors on why they chose our platform, as well as what they look for when choosing an investment opportunity.


First success story


Mart* is a retiree who lives in Malta and is looking for ways to ensure that he stays financially comfortable. He says he looks for a perfect balance between security and return when choosing where to put his money.

“I did a lot of research and eventually landed on EstateGuru. I feel that it is a very well-run organization and that gives me a real sense of security,” he says.

“While I have plenty of other investments elsewhere, the fact that EstateGuru is so easy to use definitely makes it one of my favorites.”

Mart is a seasoned P2P and alternative investor and he advises newcomers to make full use of cross-border opportunities to keep their portfolios well-diversified.

Picture 1: Portfolio of Mart*


Second success story


Our second investor, Renno*, runs his own business in Tallinn, Estonia and he brings this entrepreneurial spirit to his investment portfolio as well. Renno is a numbers guy, so he has a clear idea of what he wants in an investment.

“I generally need an interest rate of at least 11% before I consider an opportunity. On EstateGuru I also prefer the loans that have a monthly repayment rather than a full bullet payment and a maximum Loan to Value of 70%.”

For those unfamiliar with the term Loan to Value (LTV) it represents the value of a loan relative to the total property value. Typically, lower LTVs represent a lower risk investment.

Renno believes that real estate offers great value and safety: “I was trying to find investment options based on real estate and the EstateGuru model suits me well. I also like how easy it is to use the website.”

Some of his other investments are in rental properties: “All the other investments I have made are also in real estate and they are doing relatively well. I do not know how the capital will grow, but the rental target is to get 5-6 % on investment.”

While this is his first foray into the alternative investment market or real estate crowdfunding, he has been quick to use the cross-border options offered: “I have made investments in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland.”

Picture 2: Portfolio of Renno*



We plan to bring you many more of these informative blogs as we speak to some of EstateGuru’s expert investors to gather tips and advice. In the meantime, why not check out some of our other blogs aimed at helping you to start your investment portfolio?

*Due to our strict rules about investor privacy, we have used pseudonyms. All numbers and responses are real.

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