Guru Spotlight: Makar Navitski

It’s hard to believe that Makar Navitski, loan manager, entrepreneur, karate champion, aspiring politician and guitar player, has achieved so much already considering his young age. If one measure of success for any company is the quality of the people it attracts, then his recent recruitment bodes very well for EstateGuru.

We sat down with Makar to discuss his budding but surprisingly extensive career, his performance at the European Karate Championship, his first foray into the stock market, and why he loves working for EstateGuru. We were on our best behaviour throughout the interview, conscious of the fact that we’ll likely be working for Makar in the not too distant future.

How long have you been part of the EstateGuru team, and how did you end up here? 

Basically, in 2020, when the Covid phase began, I realised I had to do something, so I started studying finance and other related subjects at different universities online. At that time I had some investment experience, and I was investing tactically, so I thought it was time to implement that knowledge, so I started looking for a job and that’s how my journey started. Following short stints at a bank and a financial company, I’ve now been at EstateGuru for just over five months.

So you’re planning to retire, at what, 25?

Haha, well, I don’t know to be honest because everything is developing so quickly, but I really like what I’m doing. 

So what’s your mission at EG? 

As a Loan Manager, it’s very important to me to make sure my clients get the best service possible. Keeping up to date on all the latest developments in the finance industry is also a priority. 

EstateGuru’s key values are growth-orientation, boldness, freedom, honesty, determination, and empathy. Have you experienced these values in the company and which one is your favourite?

Fully. Every value. I really like the collaborative spirit and the empathy that everyone lives in their work life. My colleagues have shown great faith in me, and I feel supported and free to do my job in the best way I know.

And what do you like most about your job at the moment? 

I like that I got here, you know (laughs). That my leader, Tauri (EstateGuru’s Sales Team Lead, Tauri Tiik), showed so much faith in me and said “OK, I want this guy in my team”. He believed in me, that I could finish my education and work at the same time, and be professionally proficient. That means a lot to me. I also love investing, obviously. From the age of sixteen, I was of the opinion that investing was a wise thing to do, so I asked my parents to create an account for me, because I was too young, and took some of my own money, and after a lot of research, I began to buy stocks. I was very motivated to read the news and make informed decisions about investing, because if you don’t, then your money is in great peril.

What do you do in your free time? What are your quirks and what makes you, you?

At the moment I am busy completing secondary school, but the lion’s share of my exams are done. In my free time, I do have many hobbies. I guess now, four or five times I have been the Estonian Karate champion in my age group. I’m a black belt and also a qualified Karate coach. In August we had the European Juniors Championship, where I participated representing Estonia, and I finished in 11th place. That might not sound great but for me it was a huge achievement. I also like to go to the shooting range, to practise my aim. 

I see, so you’re a karate master who can also strike from range?

Basically, yes (laughs). But a good point to make here is that the philosophy of Karate is non-violent, meaning even if I could do it, I won’t do it. Besides that, I also play the guitar and I like to lead an active life. 

So the last question: If you could give some advice to people who would like to join EstateGuru, what would it be? Why should exceptional talents join EstateGuru?

I’d advise them to be exceptionally talented (laughs). And if you are already, then, basically you don’t have any other options. You can phrase it as a rhetorical question: where else can you go, if you are exceptionally talented?