Guru Spotlight: Jasemin Schniering

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In this edition of the Guru Spotlight, we spoke to our Investor Relations Manager, Jasemin Schniering. Find out why she struggles to respond when people ask her where she feels most at home, what she learnt during her time in the army, how her numerical compulsions can be useful, and why everyone wins when you bring your dog to work.

How long have you been part of the Estateguru Team?

I applied to Estateguru in August 2021 and joined Estateguru just one month later, in September 2021.

What’s your mission at EG?

My mission is to support Estateguru as a company whilst also looking out for the best interests of our investors. I have been trained in company building and structuring and have already gained extensive experience in this regard in my previous jobs.

Regarding my clients, it is important for me to create awareness and provide information. Demographic changes and smaller pensions are indicators that a financially carefree life in old age is no longer guaranteed. Therefore, it is advisable to start preparing for one’s retirement early. One way to do this is investment, and that’s the message I’m trying to spread. From this point of view, my mission is to pass on knowledge to all people to assist them in securing their future.

Estateguru’s key values are growth-orientation, boldness, freedom, honesty,
determination, and empathy. How do you experience these values in the

I am glad that Estateguru’s values are not only focused on the company, but include interpersonal components. I experience empathy every day. Our superiors don’t just give us instructions, they are also open to concerns and challenges. I have had a particularly positive experience with my colleague, Piret (Reinson, Head of Marketing), who is a very good example of an empathetic leader. I would also like to take this opportunity to express special thanks to our country manager, Björn (Kombächer, Country Manager, Germany), who encourages us every day and embodies other values, such as freedom, courage, honesty and determination. It is important that a company can grow healthily. Growth orientation is actually the value, next to empathy, that I perceive most strongly. The results show that Estateguru is on the right track to keep growing.

What do you like most about working at Estateguru?

What I like most is that Estateguru is very international. It is a pleasure for me to work with colleagues from different nations and cultures. Everyone has different perspectives and experiences. It’s fun to get together, combine strengths and work towards a common goal. I was born in Australia and have Turkish roots. I have attended international schools and learned how to adapt to new countries and cultures. In Germany alone, I speak three languages with my colleagues. It helps me stay linguistically fit. I also love that Estateguru is very flexible. I can determine the layout of my day independently and initiate projects. All colleagues and departments are open for improvements, suggestions, or innovations. My opinions and ideas are taken seriously and carefully considered.

I also don’t want to forget to mention the animal friendliness at Estateguru. My dog, Armani, accompanies me to work every day, sits on our sofas or benches and is petted by every team member. Having a dog in the team creates joy and relaxation, and Armani is grateful for the affection.

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Jasemin and Armani

Tell us something interesting about yourself. What do you do in your free time? Oh, and we also love quirks, so what’s yours?

Ok, let me sum it up like this: I am an Australian born former soldier with Turkish roots who likes to travel the world. I enjoy any hobby that involves action. I am very open to foreign cultures and would like to travel the whole world. I was also lucky enough to have lived in a number of different countries for several years, so I really got to know them well.

In Particular, Australia was a great experience with all the animals I came across. I like to be exposed to extreme situations with a team, such as survival camps, paintball and exit games. There is nothing like solving a tricky task or challenge with a team and celebrating the shared sense of accomplishment. Combined with a bit of adrenaline, it’s glorious. Since a team as well as adequate leadership are very important to me, I have deepened my scientific research into this topic.

Oh, and let’s not forget my quirks: I have a particular compulsion when I work with numbers. I double, and triple check the results to make absolutely sure that I have calculated correctly.

What branch of the Army were you in, and what were the main lessons you

I was recruited into the Army as an officer and most recently worked for the Air Security Control of the German Armed Forces. If I had the opportunity to repeat my life, I would join the Army again. I learned so much about myself that I didn’t know before. In everyday life, people set limits for themselves, but I learned in the Army that I can go beyond those limits physically as well as mentally. To quote Bruce Lee: “There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

This lesson has shaped me for the rest of my life, and this is the principle I like to live and work by. Another important lesson I learned is camaraderie. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. And it is up to a group or team to become strong together, to support each other and to reach goals. Sure, you can get ahead on your own up to a point, but ultimately, it’s a good team that has your back.

What kind of dog is Armani and is he collecting a salary for being such a good boy on company grounds every day?

Our boy Armani is a Bolonka Zwetna. This breed was originally bred to keep the hands of the former tsars warm. In fact, Armani gets a salary in the form of petting and treats. This is the best form of reward for him. That’s why every day he sprints through the door to the Berlin office.

Do you most closely identify with Germany, Australia or Turkey, or do you consider yourself a citizen of the world?

When someone asks me where I am at home, I can’t answer that question. I see myself more as a citizen of the world. As soon as I live in a country, I create a bond with it. When I first came to Germany in 2006, the culture was foreign to me at first. But I have settled in over the years and perfected the German language. The same is true for all other countries. That is the greatest gift for me. I can live and work internationally.

Do you consider your compulsion to triple check things useful, or a hindrance, or a bit of both?

Both. It’s helpful in the sense that I work with numbers every day and it helps me to create reports without errors. Also, certain information is memorised more quickly and stays in my head, so I can sometimes recall it pictorially in my mind. On the other hand, one should not dwell on one task for too long. It is the art of finding a middle ground and recognizing how to move forward and work efficiently and effectively.

Why do you think should exceptional talents join Estateguru?

I believe that in life you should never stop learning. Every day presents us with an opportunity to develop and gain new insights. Even if you are an exceptional talent and strive to expand your knowledge, which is why such talents belong at Estateguru. The flexible way of working as well as the matrix structure in the company mean that one encounters new and alternative projects as well as challenges on a daily basis.

The opportunity for learning at Estateguru is awesome. We work directly with
our superiors and get an insight into their experiences and wisdom. Therefore, I would suggest that my future colleagues open themselves to new things and think outside the box. A certain flexibility is a must in this company. I can also recommend lateral thinkers and anyone who has new ideas and wants to be heard to join Estateguru. New ideas are always welcome here.