EstateGuru Platform developments

At EstateGuru, we always keep in mind the user experience of our website and try to improve it in all ways possible. In 2018, we have plans to make a complete overhaul for our website and the visual side of things. The end goal is to make EstateGuru’s system the most modern and user-friendly of all the P2P platforms out there. We are going to make improvements to the Auto Invest feature, portfolio overview, integration with other services, statistics, referral program, website loading speed and so on. There are already a number of new updates made to our system that we would like to introduce to our users in this blog post. You can read further about the latest EstateGuru platform developments below.

Auto Invest Updates

There are some new updates to our Auto Invest feature concering everyone that invests over €500 through Auto Invest. You can now choose new options under the criteria, which help you diversify your loans a bit more. These options are:

  • You can now choose if you want to invest into staged loans with Auto Invest or not (for example Laineoru development loan phases 1, 2, 3, 4). A staged loan is one bigger project divided into smaller parts. This enables the borrower to have a more flexible payment schedule and to modify interest rates for later stages if need be. For example for the first stage, the base of the house is built, with the second the rooms and spaces are made and with the funding from the third stage the final decoration is done. Before each stage we also look over the appraisal report and see if it needs updating.  EstateGuru does not give out loans for more than 75% LTV.
  • You can now choose if you want to invest in refinancing loans or not (For example Endo refinancing loan). Refinancing loans are made to get better terms from the loan provider in order to cover an older loan or to switch loan providers with the aim of getting better terms again.

We hope that these new options are a step towards improving the user experience and flexibility of the Auto Invest feature.

Lithuanian and Latvian direct bank links

Lithuanian and Latvian investors are now able to make deposits directly with a link to their bank from our website under their investor portfolio. The feature is available for clients of SEB bank, Swedbank in Latvia/Lithuania and for Latvia also Norvik bank, Citadele and Luminor. This will improve the speed and simplicity of making deposits.

Late loans in portfolio view

Under your EstateGuru investment portfolio you can now see the days that a loan has been delayed. This enables you to get quick overview of your late loan portfolio and track the status. The aim of this is to increase the transparency of the platform. We have already introduced the „Loan updates“ section under your investor porfolio, but since our platform is growing in size, we feel that our investors should get a quick view of the status of their late loans right in the portfolio view.

Trustly integration

EstateGuru is soon starting to use Trustly as a method of making deposits. Trustly is a service that is intended to make online payments easier for customers. When you see it as an option of payment on the EstateGuru website, all you have to do is to select your bank and log in with your regular access codes over a secure, encrypted connection. Then you will choose the account from which you wish to pay (for example, your savings account or current account) and finally you can verify your transfer. This is an improvement aimed towards EstateGuru investors from all over Europe, so that they can make deposits in a fast, simple and secure way. Trustly transfers money to your investor account immediately, just like a bank link would. We suggest everyone to start using Trustly, as it already cover 98% of European bank links. There is a small transfer fee which will be detailed when the Trustly service will be fully integrated with our system.

More info about Trustly can be found on their homepage:

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