EstateGuru: Making Property Better For Everyone

At EstateGuru – the European leading cross-border marketplace for secured property loans, we are deeply involved with our clients on both the investors and borrowers sides. We aim to make it easier for enthusiastic entrepreneurs or property developers running exciting projects, to access the funding they need to succeed, at the same time allowing investors to be involved in  different types of investment proposition thus diversifying their investment portfolios.

By freeing up funds to worthy businesses and projects, we promote the growth of businesses and developments that might otherwise not gain access to mainstream finance. Better for investors. Better for borrowers.

Here’s why.

Better for borrowers

Mainstream financial institutions serve the needs of their largest (and therefore most profitable) clients. It makes financial sense, but can mean that the banks’ expertise lie in assessing multi-million euros – rather than single plot developments. Relatively small loans can therefore seem disproportionately hard to secure, making life difficult for the small entrepreneurs, developers and businesses who cannot access funding through traditional means. At EstateGuru we are different, as CRO Kaspar explains:

“We help developers and entrepreneurs, who have good projects and real estate, but can’t get funding from the bank. Often banks just don’t understand real estate. Because of our unique expertise, we can understand our clients and their needs.”

For borrowers – whether they’re funding a first project, or experienced developers/entrepreneurs – achieving funding through EstateGuru can be a massive motivation. Business development manager Daniil Aal adds:

“There is a motivation factor for borrowers, when they find out they can finance their project through our base of 5500+ investors who all believe in the project. Not only that, we have had cases when  developments have found buyers from the very same crowd (and their wider network) that funded the initial investment.”

Breaking the myth that property investment is only for rich and well informed in property market

Most people want to invest, but don’t have the funds. So we create that possibility. Kaspar Kaljuvee sums up the reason investors love the opportunities EstateGuru provides.

“With investments from a stake as low as €50, we have opened up real estate investing to people who might not have been served by traditional financing. This means that we have a broad investor base which allows us to introduce more projects.”

Because of the low initial stake, EstateGuru allows investors to diversify their portfolio by splitting their cash between projects that catch their eye. By building a diversified portfolio, our clients mitigate some of the typical risks associated with investing, while still accessing the growth anticipated in the real estate market as a whole.

Developments in FinTech, like the innovative platform we are proud to have developed here at EstateGuru, have thrown open the doors of real estate investment to more people than ever.

Join us on our journey! Learn more about getting involved in investing or borrowing with Estate Guru, here.