EstateGuru integrates identity verification tool Veriff

EstateGuru has integrated a new tool for making the KYC (know-your-customer) process more effective. Veriff is an Estonian company, whcih utilizes advanced facial recognition software, video analysis and biometric data to verify user’s ID online. For the customer, this means a more simple identity verification process. Read further below.

Veriff is integrated with the EstateGuru system seamlessly and users only have to go through the quick and simple verification process once. The verification process takes a couple of minutes, after which new users can start using the full features of EstateGuru after confirmation. The whole verification process makes it easier for EstateGuru users to prove their identity in a smart and modern way. The Veriff system is speedier than the older system that we used for verification, while also being a lot more secure. This ensures that the process of signing up, verifying your account and making your first investment is as comfortable as possible for our users.

How does the process work?

The first step of verification will happen when you log in to your investor account the first time after creating your account. A screen will appear, detailing the need for verification of your identity before you can proceed with using EstateGuru’s services.

To proceed, click “Start verification” and allow your web browser to have access to your camera and microphone. When this is done, the verification process continues at the Veriff video identification environment.  After confirming the functionality of your camera and microphone, the process will continue with a screen where you need to select the type of ID that you would like to use for verification and agree with the Terms & Conditions of Veriff. The types of ID available are: ID card, Driving license and Passport.

The next steps are then detailed on a screen where Veriff tells you to take a photo of your ID and a portrait photo as well. All of this has to be completed in 5 minutes. When ready to complete the steps, click “Continue“ to start the verification process. On this screen, you also have the option to go to a link for a manual verification, in case you do not have a webcam for the verification process.

Up next, you need to take a clear photo of the front of your ID. All the necessary information should be visible. The next step is to take a clear photo of the back side of your ID (not in case of using Passport for identification) and the final step is to make a portrait photo of yourself. All of these steps are necessary to complete the verification process and to confirm your identity.

When done with the steps, a screen will appear confirming that you have verified your account. Now it has to be reviewed by an employee from EstateGuru who can finalize the verification process of your investment account. Once confirmed, you will get an e-mail saying that the process is complete. You can now start making investments on the EstateGuru platform, congratulations!

To have a simple overview of how Veriff works, please check this video:

In case of any questions regarding Veriff, please contact

Header image: Veriff