EstateGuru employee investment journey – Part 5: Pavel Artamonov

Hi! I’m Pavel and I’m an investor!

It took me a long time to finally make up my mind and start investing. There were always excuses. I didn’t have enough knowledge, it was too dangerous, I had unstable earnings, I would start from the next month/year, etc. I think many of you may recognize yourselves in my indecision. If not, I’m happy for you, you have reached the level of Zen in self-discipline, or you simply didn’t notice it for yourself.

While studying at the Faculty of Economics, I began to think about retirement and how my money, if left on a shelf or under the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, would simply lose its value due to inflation. I first thought about financial freedom thanks to the inspiration of my teacher, the investor Kristjan Liivamägi.

Now I invest only through P2P platforms, namely EstateGuru and Mintos. The reason is simple – I invest in the area in which I feel confident. It may be boring and does not comply with the investor’s golden rule of“diversify, diversify, diversify”, but then again, the value of my portfolio has not fallen by 10-30% in the last few weeks.

At the same time, I am now considering entering the stock market, because now is the right time for this and I need to start diversifying my portfolio, not only within platforms but also between different asset classes.

I started my investor journey a year ago when I got a job at EstateGuru and realized how such platforms work and found out the difference between secured and unsecured loans. This realization gave me more confidence because I invest only in secured loans where my money is protected by a mortgage. At the moment, 15% of my investments have already been repaid with interest and I’ve experienced 0% loss of capital.

Consistency is the key to success, and this is not just about investing. I got this confirmation thanks to my career as a professional karate athlete. If I want to succeed in sports, then I must train daily and purposefully to improve my results and ultimately achieve my goals. However, in both cases, the result will not come immediately, some people achieve it faster, some slower and this is normal. At the same time, in investments, as in sports, sometimes things take an unexpected turn and you lose because of circumstances that are out of your control. At such moments, you need to stay calm and continue to stick to your plan, it is possible to make some changes, but you should never stop.

My strategy is very simple. I invest 20% of my earnings and I do it immediately after receiving my salary. I do this because I know that if I don’t, I am perfectly capable of making financially irrational purchases based on emotions, which in principle is common to many salespeople. This also tells you my position at EstateGuru – Sales/Loan Manager.