Blick in unser Kreditportfolio – Sommer 2018

Seit dem Start von EstateGuru wurden bereits 367 Projekte mit einer Gesamtsumme von 60.034.383 Euro auf der Plattform gefördert. Alle diese Projekte wurden in fünf Ländern durchgeführt: Estland, Lettland, Litauen, Finnland und Spanien. Im folgenden Blog-Artikel geben wir in einer kurzen und informativen Analyse einen Überblick über das Kreditportfolio von EstateGuru.

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EstateGuru integrates identity verification tool Veriff

EstateGuru has integrated a new tool for making the KYC (know-your-customer) process more effective. Veriff is an Estonian company, whcih utilizes advanced facial recognition software, video analysis and biometric data to verify user’s ID online. For the customer, this means a more simple identity verification process. Read further below.

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We are in the TOP50! – Real Estate Innovation Contest 2018

We are happy to announce that EstateGuru has been chosen as one of the top 50 startups for the Real Estate Innovation Contest 2018! The top startups were chosen by more than 50 experts, investors and professional partners from leading European companies.

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The story of an EstateGuru borrower – Alo Arumäe

In the years since the beginning of EstateGuru, we have faciliated loans in 5 different countries, with Finland and Spain recently added. In that time, over 200 borrowers have seeked financing from us and we have funded more than 300 loans with the help of our investors. One might ask, what makes the borrower prefer EstateGuru over other financing options? To find the answer to this question, we asked Alo Arumäe, the developer of the Jõe 2b (3 stages, €321 000, project repaid) and Pärna 33a projects (5 stages, €900 000), what made him choose EstateGuru and how have his projects gone so far. See more below.

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