Loan portfolio overview (December 2020)

We closed 2020 with strong results over December where our investors financed a total of €18,3M worth of loans. The biggest contributions came from Estonia (€8,5M), Germany and Finland (combined total €6,9M). All together our platform facilitated €120,2M worth of loans in 2020 which is a 50% increase compared to 2019 (€80,3M).

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Loan portfolio overview (November of 2020)

November’s loan amount of €14,8M represents the second-biggest month in EstateGuru’s history, after the €15.2M done in October. Rather interestingly, the highest number of loans were issued in our newest markets, Finland and Germany, which collectively contributed 1/3 of the total amount. This bodes very well for the future in both these countries.

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Loan portfolio overview – October 2020

Our sales volume increased by an incredible 50% in October when compared to September, making this the all-time record month with €15,2M in new loans issued through our platform. The most active market was Lithuania, where our investors financed €7,9M worth of loans featuring collaterals in prime locations.

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Loan portfolio overview – July 2020

Despite the summer vacation period our borrowers and investors have been incredibly active. Our platform saw nearly €8,0M worth of issued loans in July (with a total of €11 million in investments made) and the strong demand is continuing into August.

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