EstateGuru platform’s developments

There are several important focus groups of the daily work of EstateGuru team – investors and borrowers. However, under the initial silhouette the IT development team is working restlessly to ensure the daily functioning on the platform, its security and continuous development towards efficiency and increasing user experience comfortability. Followingly, we will provide you with an overview of the updates that have been included on the platform recently. Continue reading “EstateGuru platform’s developments”

EstateGuru supported least privileged families before holidays

EstateGuru supported least privileged families before holidays with Avinurme mortgage loan: the sums collected during the campaign were used for supporting children raised by grandparents.


„This is a charity campaign of EstateGuru: 0.5% of the total loan sum was spent on charity,“ said Triin Jõeleht, investor relationships manager of the company.


For the sums collected with Avinurme mortgage loan a stove was purchased for a family with girls at the age of 10 and 12, who are raised by grandmother and grandfather with disability. Also a bicycle was donated to a 13 year old boy: this busy young man needs it for working in the countryside in summer. Furthermore, resources were allocated for three families for purchasing clothes.

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