A Guide To Setting Up The Custom Strategy

Investment Strategies, the next evolution of Auto Invest, provides users with three different strategies for automated investment on the Estateguru platform. While the Balanced and Conservative options are already set up to cater to the more adventurous and risk averse investors respectively, the Custom option allows for the finetuning of parameters to more precisely reflect your investment style. In this guide we’ll take a more in depth look at the Custom Strategy and how to set it up.

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Matti’s portfolio report, February 2022: How to build a ‘foolproof’ portfolio

In his latest portfolio report, our country head for Finland, Matti Vansen, shares his insights into building a ‘foolproof portfolio’.

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Peer-to-peer lending: Advantages and Disadvantages

Peer-to-peer lending offers both investors and borrowers several advantages over more conventional forms of finance, but there is a potential downside too. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the different pros and cons of this innovative form of funding, and the ways in which EstateGuru attempts to maximize the former while attenuating the latter. 

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