Diversification – The Key to Smart Investing

In the world of the silver screen, investing is often depicted as a thrilling roller coaster. Here in the real world – rather more gray than silver – investing is generally a long game. An exercise in avoiding runaway trains, rather than leaping gleefully on them, mitigating excessive risk, instead of looking for it. And the heart of this strategy is diversification.

By spreading investment across cash, bonds, stocks, real estate and derivatives, investors avoid putting too many proverbial eggs into one basket. It’s not the stuff of Oscar-winning performance, but it might just be your happy ever after. Here’s why. Continue reading “Diversification – The Key to Smart Investing”

EstateGuru’s New Auto Invest Feature

EstateGuru’s brand-new functionality empowers investors to automatically invest their chosen sum into available loans. Now investors can invest in a timely manner and not miss out on golden investment opportunity due to increasing competition.

Before this feature was introduced, investors were required to manually invest into opportunities and frequently check the platform for new investments. Investors no longer miss out on receiving interest returns, as Auto Invest does this for you. The feature simply invests available funds on the virtual account, reinvesting as soon as possible beating the competition. Continue reading “EstateGuru’s New Auto Invest Feature”

6 must-read personal finance books for self-directed investors

Many people have self-development in their New Year’s resolutions and motivating and educating books are a good place to start! We have put together a list of investing books that really educate the reader. Of course, there are thousands of great books on the market, but the list below is a good place to start!

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