EstateGuru’s New Auto Invest Feature

EstateGuru’s brand-new functionality empowers investors to automatically invest their chosen sum into available loans. Now investors can invest in a timely manner and not miss out on golden investment opportunity due to increasing competition.

Before this feature was introduced, investors were required to manually invest into opportunities and frequently check the platform for new investments. Investors no longer miss out on receiving interest returns, as Auto Invest does this for you. The feature simply invests available funds on the virtual account, reinvesting as soon as possible beating the competition. Continue reading “EstateGuru’s New Auto Invest Feature”

6 must-read personal finance books for self-directed investors

Many people have self-development in their New Year’s resolutions and motivating and educating books are a good place to start! We have put together a list of investing books that really educate the reader. Of course, there are thousands of great books on the market, but the list below is a good place to start!

Continue reading “6 must-read personal finance books for self-directed investors”

How Should Investors Choose Between Investment Platforms?

Recent developments in FinTech and alternative finance have opened up a raft of new investing opportunities, which appeal to everyday investors as well as more experienced hands. Investing is always a delicate balance of seeking optimal returns while minimizing and mitigating risk. With the market growing so quickly, how should investors choose which platforms they can trust? Start by asking these questions. Continue reading “How Should Investors Choose Between Investment Platforms?”

How to be a successful Y-Gen property investor?

It appears that the property market is a rather complicated area for potential first time buyers.

Despite of the bad condition, premises are being sold with a high price that keeps climbing year after year.

Although it is said that the younger generations are not working on the property ownership and their mindset is different there are still number of Gen Ys who have managed to build an impressive portfolio of property. Here are some tips for you: Continue reading “How to be a successful Y-Gen property investor?”