Six reasons to consider taking out a business loan

Many small and medium businesses, while successful and profitable, need a cash injection to take a step to the next level.

While there is an understandable hesitancy to go into debt, the truth of the matter is your business may reach a plateau where any more growth is predicated on investing money you may not have at the moment.

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The Baltics – Who are the most eager investors?

Over the last few years, despite constant changes in the economic situation, more and more people have decided to build up their savings in the alternative investment segment by investing in real estate backed loans.

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Our Seedrs funding round – an update

EstateGuru’s equity fundraising campaign on Seedrs has been open to all investors since 4 May, and the results have been beyond our wildest expectations.

We set ourselves a minimum funding target of €350 000 before the campaign started, and this target was reached even before the campaign officially opened and while only our existing investors were invited to purchase shares.

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