How to Invest in Estonia

Estonia represents an attractive investment opportunity, both for residents of this small Baltic country and for foreigners looking for a stable investment with great returns.

Estonia is consistently ranked amongst the top countries for human capital, digital capability and ease of doing business, and as such it offers plenty of opportunity for the potential investor.

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Where to invest in 2020?

The new decade is upon us, and if you’re looking to change your financial outlook and secure future prosperity, there’s no time like right now to start investing. There are many asset classes to follow when choosing where to invest in 2020.

The key to building wealth and achieving financial security is to invest money wisely, but with so many options available, many people find themselves overwhelmed and end up opting for what they perceive as safe, traditional methods like retirement funds and savings accounts.

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Understanding stage loans and cumulative loan to value (LTV) ratios

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by investors is how EstateGuru approaches stage loans and what influence this has on the loan to value ratio (LTV) of a project.

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Understanding debt ranking and loan security.

EstateGuru loans are backed with real estate and in general with 1st rank mortgage. When you make the decision to invest in debt or loans, it is vital to understand the risks and be aware of how the security issued against your investment will function should something go wrong.

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How to invest in real estate with no money

In the age of low-interest rate loans, many investors are thinking about buying a real estate as an investment. Properties are popular types of investments due to various benefits. Not everyone, however, has enough capital to invest in the real estate market. Many banks require you to invest at least 20% to 30% of your own capital. In this article, we will show you how you can invest in real estate with almost no money.
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