September Cashback Campaign – All the Details

Our September Cashback campaign is now in full swing, and we thought it would be a great idea to give our users a thorough explanation of how it works.

The idea behind the campaign is to encourage investors to diversify their portfolios by giving them a free bonus when they invest in opportunities carrying the Cashback symbol (CB).

How much you get back depends on the amount you invest and of course, how many loans you invest in.

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The real estate market in Portugal

Portuguese real estate market set a record investment volume of the last 5 years in 2018, which came mainly from the commercial segment (3,3 billion euros, a 74% increase from 2017). In the residential segment, the number of properties sold grew by 19% and national prices rose more than 10% (in Lisbon the rise was 20%). The real estate market was very active in all the real estate segments and supply doesn’t keep up with the demand. Foreigners account over 50% of domestic property sales (led by British and French). 2019 will be the year for larger construction projects which will help to supply the continuing increase in demand. New developments coming on the market will increase substantially this year and growth will strengthen in the next, but still, the market is far from the building levels that were registered a decade ago. Portfolios of real estate assets and bad loans held by banks also will affect the market with increasing interest in alternative assets (healthcare, sports, specialised residences etc.). Continue reading “The real estate market in Portugal”