Estateguru in 2022: The state of the real estate market and our plans

Estateguru recently welcomed our Country Heads to our headquarters in Tallinn to participate in a discussion about the state of the real estate markets in their respective countries, and the impact and potential benefits of the current global macro-economic situation. You can watch it all here.

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Guru Spotlight: Ararat Yuzbashyan

In this month’s edition of the Guru Spotlight, we hear from our Chief Technology Officer, Ararat Yuzbashyan, who explains how his time with the company has flown by, how he aims to improve the lives of his colleagues, why he loves spending time with his kids, and what advice he would give to talented people who are thinking of joining EstateGuru.

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Guru Spotlight: Makar Navitski

It’s hard to believe that Makar Navitski, loan manager, entrepreneur, karate champion, aspiring politician and guitar player, has achieved so much already considering his young age. If one measure of success for any company is the quality of the people it attracts, then his recent recruitment bodes very well for EstateGuru.

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