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4 Most Common Real Estate Developer Mistakes in Attracting Funding

After the economic crisis, several media outlets reported on the increasing number of new financial instruments offering alternative services to traditional banking solutions. Real estate developers are one segment who require these services, however, are they keeping pace with the latest news and alternatives or are they using existing financial models for their new projects?
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5 reasons why borrowers choose EstateGuru business loan

In nowadays lending world, crowdfunding offers an alternative to traditional bank funding or hard-money lending. Typically, crowdfunding is faster than traditional methods of funding and offers more room for flexibility.  These are the main benefits that also apply to EstateGuru business loans. However, there are a number of features that distinguish EstateGuru from other lending options. Find out more below.

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Lithuanian Real Estate Market Overview: Commercial Property, Coworking spaces

As of now, EstateGuru’s investors have the opportunity to diversify their investments between three countries the firm operates in – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with the following destinations already under preparation. In order to raise our investors’ awareness of our operating markets and the respective real estate market, EstateGuru is hereby providing you with an overview of the latest addition to our operating countries – Lithuania!

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