Bird Boxes Installed in Järve Forest


In partnership with the Nature Conservation Foundation, some of our Estonia based gurus spent some time in Järve Forest recently, installing miniature apartments for the local birds.

The aim was to create habitats suitable for birds in urban space. In Tallinn, we worked with the governments of Kristiine and Kesklinna districts, and in Pärnu County, Saarde Parish. The boxes were produced at the Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre and by craftsmen from Valga County. The purchase of the bird boxes was financed by Estateguru, and suitable locations were found in cooperation with the experts.

Pille Ligi, a member of the board of the Nature Conservation Fund, comments: “Insulation of houses is important from the point of view of climate change, which at the same time leads to a decrease in the bird population in the city. Gutters, wall cracks and other such places disappear, and with them, for example, the habitats of hollow cleaners. Researchers say that the installation of nest boxes can help restore the population. As Estateguru understands the real estate issue, we built new homes for the birds with them. ”

“Estateguru’s vision is to make real estate financing and real estate investment accessible to everyone around the world. Our core processes are 90% digitized, but by bringing together investors and borrowers, we contribute to the development of urban space and environments in all eight countries in which we operate. The construction sector is one of the biggest contributors to global warming, and through such charity projects we want to draw attention to activities that can save the environment and build a better future, ”commented Mihkel Stamm, CEO of Estateguru.

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