Auto Invest User Guide

Auto Invest

EstateGuru’s Auto Invest feature is the easiest way to manage your portfolio in a completely hands-off way.

By using Auto Invest (AI) you will never miss out on the type of projects you like to invest in, and if you’ve been an investor with us for a while you’ll know that loans are sometimes fully invested very quickly.

You have total control over every aspect of Auto Invest and can set it up to your exacting criteria, then sit back and let our algorithm do the work while you reap the rewards.

Here are the five main reasons why you should use Auto Invest.

Step 1 – Enable Auto Invest consent for your account

To get started you’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions. Navigate to the Auto Invest page in your account and carefully read the T&Cs. The minimum amount you can Auto Invest in one project is €50, and there is no maximum amount.

Once you feel comfortable with the T&Cs and are ready to proceed, simply add Auto Invest consent by ticking the box to accept the User Terms.

Now you can navigate to the Auto Invest page.

Step 2 – Set up Auto Invest criteria

Now it’s time to select the amount you want to make available for each investment, the repayment period, the type of loans you would like to help fund, and your maximum LTV (Loan To Value). Each criteria explanation and more information can be found under the tooltips (the blue “i”).

It is important to note that, to take advantage of the advanced settings, a minimum of €250 needs to be assigned per loan. If you wish to invest less than this amount per loan, your options will be limited to loan period and loan type and LTV.

For more background on LTV and what it means, check out Understanding Stage Loans and Cumulative Loan to Value Ratios.

Changing the amount per loan to €250 as shown in the image below will open up the more detailed criteria.

Now you can go about setting up your account exactly how you want it. You can select whether you want to invest in First Charge, Second Charge, or All loan types. While First Charge offers the best security, Second Charge loans often have better interest rates. It’s up to you what you feel comfortable with. If you want some more details on how these work, read our guide on Understanding Debt Ranking And Loan Security.

You can also choose a minimum interest rate, meaning Auto Invest will exclude any project with an interest rate below your selection. 

Next up, select whether you want to invest in Stage Loans and Refinancing Loans (these are existing EstateGuru loans that we decide to refinance. If the borrower has a loan with a different credit provider and takes a loan with EstateGuru to refinance that loan, it will be listed as a normal loan). 

You can also select which countries you would like to invest in. For example, if you would like to invest in Estonia, Germany and Latvia but not Finland and Lithuania, you can change this setting. We advise that you invest in all countries as this helps diversify your portfolio, but the choice is yours.

The final setting determines whether you want to invest all available funds. What this means is that, in our example, even if you have less than the minimum of €250 available in your account, the money will still be invested, bearing in mind that the minimum investment of €50 still applies.

There is one new feature as well. You can choose an amount to keep uninvested. So if you would like to ensure that you have a certain amount of funds available for withdrawal or manual investing, specify this amount and AI will stop investing once this amount is reached. You can find this setting at the top right after enabling Auto Invest.

Step 3 – Activate Auto Invest

Once you are happy with your settings, click on the Enable button and enter your password in the field provided, and click save. Below the settings fields, you can get a quick overview of how many loans would have met your criteria over the last six months, a prediction of how many will meet your criteria in the next month, and how much you can expect to invest over the next month. We’ve also added a few FAQs at the bottom of the page in case you need some more information.

You will see a message stating that your activation was a success, as well as some other pertinent information. Remember you can update and change your settings at any time, but bear in mind that these changes will not be applied retroactively. 

Please note that Auto Invest will only invest in new projects added to the platform. If you wish to invest in currently open loans, please do so manually.
If you see a message saying ‘Auto Invest is pending. Waiting for funds’ it means that there is not enough money available in your account to invest at the moment. Auto Invest will reactivate once you add money to your account or receive repayments from existing investments.

For deactivating your Auto Invest you have to disable it as shown in the image below. You will again be prompted to supply your password.

And there you have it. We wish you many happy and profitable Auto Investments.