Debt vs Equity Investments – Which is Better?

While debt and equity investments can both potentially deliver good returns, there are differences that may make one more appealing to you than the other.

Most investments can be categorised as either debt investments or equity investments. In an equity investment, you buy an asset and your profit is related to the performance of that asset.

In a debt investment, you loan money to a person, a business, or a government institution. With a debt investment, your profit is not directly related to the performance of the borrower. Continue reading “Debt vs Equity Investments – Which is Better?”

How Should Investors Choose Between Investment Platforms?

Recent developments in FinTech and alternative finance have opened up a raft of new investing opportunities, which appeal to everyday investors as well as more experienced hands. Investing is always a delicate balance of seeking optimal returns while minimizing and mitigating risk. With the market growing so quickly, how should investors choose which platforms they can trust? Start by asking these questions. Continue reading “How Should Investors Choose Between Investment Platforms?”

EstateGuru: Making Property Better For Everyone

At EstateGuru – the European leading cross-border marketplace for secured property loans, we are deeply involved with our clients on both the investors and borrowers sides. We aim to make it easier for enthusiastic entrepreneurs or property developers running exciting projects, to access the funding they need to succeed, at the same time allowing investors to be involved in  different types of investment proposition thus diversifying their investment portfolios.

By freeing up funds to worthy businesses and projects, we promote the growth of businesses and developments that might otherwise not gain access to mainstream finance. Better for investors. Better for borrowers.

Here’s why. Continue reading “EstateGuru: Making Property Better For Everyone”