Tõnu Toompark’s 10 investment tips!

I have been investing on the EstateGuru platform since 2015. I started investing with a couple thousand euros, however I have been gradually increasing my investment amounts ever since. Since then, I have deposited €93,450 to my EstateGuru virtual account, most of which during the past year.

Currently my investments on the EstateGuru platform are in the proportion to my overall portfolio in which I do not plan to increase them in a similar pace, however I am willing to make exceptional deposits in order to participate in particularly interesting projects from time to time. Therefore, I am mostly planning to reinvest my funds and interest from the current investment opportunities.

When in the last post I described the growth trends of my investment portfolio then the current post is about introducing you to my 10 most important principles concerning investing!

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Overview of Tõnu Toompark’s investment portfolio on the EstateGuru platform

Tõnu Toompark is an Estonian real estate market analyst and a well-known influencer of the field. Followingly, Tõnu will give an overview of his portfolio on the EstateGuru platform, of its expectations and future. Continue reading “Overview of Tõnu Toompark’s investment portfolio on the EstateGuru platform”