Interview with EstateGuru borrower Vilis Krištopans

More than 600 loans have been financed through EstateGuru platform already, and number of entrepreneurs who are choosing this modern financial instrument – the crowd, are increasing every day. What makes us different from traditional financing institutions and what are the main reasons why to choose us over competitors? Continue reading “Interview with EstateGuru borrower Vilis Krištopans”

4 Most Common Real Estate Developer Mistakes in Attracting Funding

After the economic crisis, several media outlets reported on the increasing number of new financial instruments offering alternative services to traditional banking solutions. Real estate developers are one segment who require these services, however, are they keeping pace with the latest news and alternatives or are they using existing financial models for their new projects?
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Latvian real estate market overview: residental premises and crowdfunding

Estateguru investors have opportunity to invest not only in Estonian, but also Latvian and Lithuanian projects. While operating in Latvian market (almost 2 years already), we have funded almost 3 000 000 EUR for perspective new projects and businesses and our team is continuing to work actively to offer more investment opportunities in all the Baltic States.

In order to promote understanding of the market situation in Latvia, in this blog post we have compiled statistical information on current developments in the  residential housing stock in the capital city of Riga, as well as have learned from experts in real estate about  the crowdfunding trend to date and it’s future in  Latvian market.

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