Borrower case study: Business loan as a credit line for Sixholm OÜ

The borrower: Sixholm OÜ is an experienced developer of single-residential and terraced houses, and has been engaged in construction since 2004. During this time the company constructed houses in both Estonia and Germany.

Loan purpose: The loan was used to increase the operating capital of the company.

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The people who invested in EstateGuru’s Seedrs campaign

EstateGuru is currently running a fundraising campaign on the Seedrs platform which allows investors to gain equity in the company.

The campaign has been a huge success thus far, hitting the minimum target while it was still in private mode and only available to existing EstateGuru investors. Now it is open to the public and there is still plenty of time to join us on our mission to change the future of property financing across Europe.

To understand what motivates people to invest and what they expect to gain from doing so, we spoke to three investors from different countries to get their stories.

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April 2020 EstateGuru Investor Survey results

At EstateGuru we place a very high value in investor satisfaction and believe it is vitally important to gather regular investor feedback.

Part of this strategy is to conduct frequent investor surveys to gather the opinions and feedback of our 48000+ investors.

If you are not taking part in these surveys we urge you to do so in future, as it allows you to have a real say in how we run EstateGuru and helps us determine a development plan that serves the needs of investors.

Our most recent survey was conducted in April and delivered some very interesting results. Here we share some of them.

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EstateGuru employee investment journey – Part 7: Antti Undrits

Hi! My name is Antti and I am an investor.

I will not dwell long on the introductions. I’ll admit freely: I am religious. Not in the common sense of the word though. I believe in real estate. My investment portfolio consists of 100% real estate and I can say with conviction that I am a firm believer in the power of property. 

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Seedrs Registration Guide

EstateGuru has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs that allows you to buy equity in the platform and become part of the company’s future.

In order to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, which is the first time we’ve ever made equity in the company available, you will need to register as an investor on the Seedrs platform.

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