P2P Empire Comes to Estateguru: Three Interviews and a Review

Jakub from P2P Empire, the leading independent P2P lending comparison website and YouTube channel, popped into our Tallinn office earlier this month to interview some of the key players at Estateguru. His main aim was to find out how the company operates and whether or not his investments on the platform are still safe. Watch the interviews, and find out what conclusions he came to, in this blog post.

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Guru Spotlight: Judith Tan

In this month’s edition of the Guru Spotlight, we spoke to our Head of Capital Markets, Judith Tan. Read on to discover where Judith has worked previously, what she likes about the culture at Estateguru, how she thinks the management team is setting the standard, and what she’s learnt in the pit while sailing thousands of nautical miles in a small yacht.

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What is Crowdlending

Crowdlending, also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, is a rapidly evolving financial model that has changed the way businesses and entrepreneurs get funding. It allows companies and individual entrepreneurs to acquire funding from a large and diverse pool of investors, without having to approach a bank or traditional financial institution. We take a closer look at how it works here.

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Estateguru in 2022: The state of the real estate market and our plans

Estateguru recently welcomed our Country Heads to our headquarters in Tallinn to participate in a discussion about the state of the real estate markets in their respective countries, and the impact and potential benefits of the current global macro-economic situation. You can watch it all here.

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