April 2020 EstateGuru Investor Survey results

At EstateGuru we place a very high value in investor satisfaction and believe it is vitally important to gather regular investor feedback.

Part of this strategy is to conduct frequent investor surveys to gather the opinions and feedback of our 48000+ investors.

If you are not taking part in these surveys we urge you to do so in future, as it allows you to have a real say in how we run EstateGuru and helps us determine a development plan that serves the needs of investors.

Our most recent survey was conducted in April and delivered some very interesting results. Here we share some of them.

Investor confidence

It is very gratifying to see that our investors still have overwhelming trust towards the platform and believe that we have their best interests at heart. In fact, a total of 67% of users rate as at 8 or higher out of ten and only 0,8% of users rated us lower than 5.

The biggest test of trust is of course whether you would recommend the platform to a friend, and here we scored very highly again. 85% of all users surveyed rated us as a 7 or higher for this question. Always remember that, when you recommend EstateGuru, to do so using your unique referral code so that you and your friend can take advantage of our referral bonus feature.

Platform information

While an encouraging 75.8% of respondents are aware of our regular loan portfolio overviews and yearly audited financial results, we would really like to get that number closer to 100%. We strive to be as transparent as possible in every part of the business and feel this information is very important for all investors. As always, you can also download our entire loan book if you would like to do a deep dive into the statistics.

Investor feedback and our response

One of the most interesting sections (at least for us) is where investors leave us direct feedback. We received plenty of suggestions on how to improve the Auto Invest feature, and as we see this as a crucial tool for investors, we prioritized these changes. Auto Invest now has the option to limit the amount of funds used by the feature, meaning you can keep funds aside for withdrawal or manual investing. We’ve also done a design update, are conducting a survey on adding a Secondary Market tab and added the option to select investments by country.

We have also decided to change the LTV criteria in our Auto Invest feature – this change will be published as soon as the technical development of the feature is finalised.

Here is some more of what our investors said. Remember, all surveys are conducted anonymously.

“Love it, keep up the good work, you have handled the current crisis well. (Transfer this message to your whole team pls)”

“You’re one of the few platforms I trust enough in these times, to deposit some more cash at. Most of my withdrawals from other P2P platforms I reserve to buy hand-picked stocks with, once the inevitable second decline in stock markets happened.”

“It would be nice to be able to designate a few machines as trusted, so when logging in from different devices, it wouldn’t be necessary to log in again and again. Also, it would be nice to have a quicker way to see the investments you are currently funding that are still open, with quick access to details like amount missing, time to close etc.”

“I was not aware of the availability of audited results for EstateGuru, which is for me the most important point. I’ll review these, and might then change my strategy in regards to your platform. Thank you for doing this survey.”

“I appreciate your continued transparency and would really welcome to have EstateGuru become a trusted partner for my alternative real-estate investments as I am expecting to substantially increase my stake in the sector in the next 1-3 years. Cheers!”

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this survey. We appreciate and value your feedback.