5 reasons why borrowers choose EstateGuru business loan

In nowadays lending world, crowdfunding offers an alternative to traditional bank funding or hard-money lending. Typically, crowdfunding is faster than traditional methods of funding and offers more room for flexibility.  These are the main benefits that also apply to EstateGuru business loans. However, there are a number of features that distinguish EstateGuru from other lending options. Find out more below.

We asked 3 EstateGuru borrowers, what makes EstateGuru different from other lending options and what are the main benefits of using EstateGuru business loans. Read the points below or watch the video to find out what makes EstateGuru attractive for borrowers.

Why borrowers choose EstateGuru?

1) EstateGuru is an alternative to banks

Alo Arumäe: “EstateGuru is almost the only way of getting funding. As a rule of thumb, a small company won’t get a loan from a bank. ”

2) Speed and flexibility

Enn Laansoo Jr.:”I think that EstateGuru fills its role in the financing world very well and does it in a very fast and flexible way”

3) Simplicity

Veljo Kuusk: “It is easy to get financing from EstateGuru. First they determine the market value of the collateral, then find the options for liquidation of the collateral and finally offer funding for a certain period on certain terms. When the offer is acceptable, EstateGuru does its funding fast.”

4) Marketing and additional clients

Veljo Kuusk: “Also, using EstateGuru brought the information about Veskimöldre to a lot of additional people in Estonia. This is why I think that using EstateGuru has brought us additional clients.”

5) Professionality

Alo Arumäe: “I think that EstateGuru is attractive for borrowers because of their professionality. Adequacy, speed and cooperation are three words that best characterise EstateGuru.”

Make sure to also check out the video herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zds-s2saffY

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