2018 Year in review: Statistics and Summary

As we enter 2019, we would like to say thank you for being with us throughout 2018! Thanks to you, EstateGuru has become the leading property lending platform in continental Europe!

With your participation and support, EstateGuru funded 356 property loans worth €52,5 million in 2018 alone, an increase of more than 225% compared to 2017.

We returned nearly €19 million worth of issued loans, paid out more than €3 million in interest and bonuses, and generated more than €73 000 in referral bonuses for our loyal investors and influencers. The return from repaid loans was 12.02% in 2018.

2018 also saw our investor base grow to more than 17 600 registered investors hailing from 109 countries while we also managed to attract the first institutional investor to our platform. We highlight these volume metrics because continued growth creates a virtuous cycle: more loans and a wider investor base allow for wider diversification and more data, which in turn can improve underwriting. The wider and stronger the investor base the easier it is to attract quality investment opportunities to the platform.

But the volume and number of investors are just two proxies for success. Investment opportunities quality, the ability to easily diversify in this asset class, and user experience also remain top priorities for us.

We trust you noticed that some months ago we launched our new platform together with new branding and design. We are happy with the outcome but we promise that we will not stop innovating – finetuning the UX and improving the product is a continuous process, as we are sure you know.

There has also been plenty of movement behind the scenes. Our team has grown to 27 valuable team members, all eager to make EstateGuru’s product and service the best in the property lending industry.

Without our technological solutions, it would have been impossible to sign 175 000 loan contracts in 2018 and introduce our services to more than 163 000 unique visitors on the platform.

Good news should be spread! 2018 was also a busy year telling the EstateGuru story at the leading Fintech and Proptech events all around Europe and the 2019 calendar is already filling up, starting with the Paris Fintech Forum in the last week of January.

Looking ahead to 2019

We expect 2019 to be another exciting year for EstateGuru. We are optimistic that we will continue to find attractive investment opportunities in the Baltics and also in some Western European countries where we have spent the last two years preparing to launch.

In 2019 we stay focused on growth. In addition of looking to grow our loan offering and investor base, we are looking to build new partnerships with other Fintechs, Proptechs and innovation oriented traditional financial institutions. We also keep our eyes open at exciting investment and consolidation opportunities that would help to bring EstateGuru forward in more effective way.

We closely monitor the economic and property market situation at both the micro and macro level and are confident that EstateGuru’s funding solutions are needed in every market environment. We have strengthened our risk and loan servicing teams who are ready to cope with any challenges that changes in the economic environment could bring. As strongly as we believe in flexibility and diversification, we also believe in being prepared for every situation.

As we enter 2019, we will do our best to bring you positive surprises with EstateGuru, whether it be an exciting investment opportunity in a new country, a new technological feature, unexpectedly high returns on a refunded loan, innovations on the platform or new charity initiatives to help those in need.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how to make the EstateGuru experience even more exciting, valuable or seamless. We’ll keep them top of mind as we work to find new ways to make investing and borrowing on EstateGuru as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Have a great New Year!