How to secure your future with property-backed investments?

You’ve probably heard people say that real estate is never a bad investment. This almost always true. Almost.

If you think clearly, focus on established locations in stable countries with strong economies and an affluent population – think Europe – you are highly unlikely to lose money on real estate.

There’s one issue though. Real estate and property have traditionally had a high barrier to entry. If you require a mortgage and need to go into debt to invest, are you really even making an investment? If you don’t have the cash to pump into buying a property outright or join a property investment group, this could be a sphere that remains closed to you.

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Start investing guide, how to invest

How to start investing – a practical guide

Are you eager to make investments and start growing your money but unsure of where or how to start? Have no fear. We can help.

The world of investing can be daunting and opaque — you have to choose between stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, real estate, art, currencies and much more. On top of the wide range of options, there’s also the fact that many of these investment opportunities have been made deliberately complicated and closed off, meaning you need to pay a middleman, usually a financial institution, to make investments on your behalf, which leaves you with less profit at the end of the day.

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